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Mediacorp started its first Saving Gaia corporate initiative in 2007 with a documentary series on Channel NewsAsia. This initiative serves to create the awareness of saving mother earth, encouraging more people to be environmentally conscious. 

Today, this initiative has grown into a month-long multiplatform and multi-faceted campaign which has become synonymous with environmental awareness and going green.
A month-long advertising campaign encompassing TV commercial, print ads, radio and outdoor posters is planned every June to create awareness of the green initiative.

The ‘Save my World’ music video was launched in 2012 and resonated well with people of all ages. In 2016, Mediacorp celebrities including Jayley Woo, Desmond Tan and Vernetta Lopez have lent their voices to the new animated music video as animal characters.

Taking the environmental message further, Mediacorp organised a beach cleanup for Mediacorp staff to do their part to help save mother earth and collaborated with Singapore's first carpooling app RYDE to encourage the public to use the app to share a ride.

Print campaigns

Notable print ads from past years.

TV commercials

Notable commercials from past years.

Mediacorp - Saving Gaia Ad Campaign 2009 - In My World - English


Mediacorp - Saving Gaia Ad Campaign 2010 - Would You? - English


Mediacorp - Save My World 2012 Music Video - Saving Gaia 2012  - English


Mediacorp - Save My World 2013 Music Video - Saving Gaia 2013  - English


Mediacorp - Save My World 2014 Music Video - Saving Gaia 2014  - English


Mediacorp - Save My World 2015 Music Video - Saving Gaia 2015  - English


Mediacorp - Save My World 2016 Music Video - Saving Gaia 2016  - English


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